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Company Profile
ICESA Architecture and Engineering Consultant
The company, since its foundation, develops its activities in the fields of Engineering and Architec-ture through the execution of projects, inspection, technical consultation, economic feasibility as-sessment. It has been a leading and recognized company in its field for its application of creative solutions to a wide scale of projects and budgets. The diversity of formal and spatial answers as the obligation to solving difficult company problems with concrete architectural solutions is advantageous to ICESA┬┤s clients for generating a distinctive image and identity, which is consistent with its mission, its goals and needs.

ICESA has always been characterized for having a holistic and integral vision in its professional practice. Through the practice of diverse systems which conform the architectural set of daily du-ties, the company has incorporated professionals in a variety of disciplines, through the alliances with other recognized companies and/or through the incorporation of these professionals in a permanent manner. Each project is used to apply the experience acquired in our trajectory and combining it with the energy and innovative ideas of its recent members.
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