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Architectural Vision
ICESA Architecture and Engineering Consultant
ICESA is a well recognized firm because of its flexibility and creativity. It has been considered as a reference of contemporary Costa Rican architecture for more than 30 years.

As the portfolio show, each building has the recognizable ICESA character while the image, style and form of each project express it’s own differences.

This variety of formal responses is the result of the following simple ideas:

  • Architecture must adapt to the uniqueness of site. Views, topography, light, nature and culture defines strongly the projects’ configuration, this site inspiration must be transformed to a “building sense of place”.Client’s vision and needs must be included in detail on the program. Program + Site guide the spirit of the architectural space and its living experience.

  • Form reflects how architecture is made. Each material and technique identify how the building is felt and experienced while enhances the quality of the light in the space.

  • The border within interior and exterior spaces should be blurred. In the tropical latitude, events occur in the gap, the space in between interior and exterior.

  • Architecture must be part of its time. Exciting new spaces and experiences could be built thanks to contemporary technologies, while history provides inspiration and inheriting a timeless order.

  • Every opportunity for a environmental responsible building must be taken into account in the design. A constant evaluation must be performed on every project’s stage to enable economic benefits, improve environmental quality, and healthier buildings.
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