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Auditorium Veritas

2006 - Public

This building must be part of the learning of its users -future architects and designers- and simultaneously shows guidelines of an institution of design. The proposal is conceptualized with tectonic arguments, programmatic flexibility and sustainable concern, interest sustained by Veritas University. The building consists of two bodies disposed from east to west to diminish the sun light and to express its opposite natures: the north of the auditorium is introvert, solid and conceived as container; in the south the workshops are light, transparent, constantly changing, and relation tightly with the outside. The point of contact between both is in a central atrium of triple height with zenithal light, which connects both buildings by means of a continuous and asymmetric ramp. This last space is the encounter-place that Integrates with the only square of the university; it’s the place that synthesizes and absorbs the educational process. The predominant material is the corrugated zinc-aluminum panels, with great advantages like the cost, weight, bioclimatism and maintenance. In addition it shows a calm and not presumptuous institutional building with scenic presence, combined with the wood with the idea of smoothing its impact. The project was designed in partnership with Carlos Azofeifa.

Client: Universidad Veritas
Location: San José
Area: 4500m2
Status: Built

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