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2007 - Living, Tourism, Masterplanning

The population in Switzerland is aging, Long life expectancy and low birth rate is transforming the program that occurrs in the urban fabric. The ‘new third age’ is an active one, their agenda challenges the simplistic preconception of working during the day, home and leisure during the night. React to the temporality behind the ‘cities of the new third age’ was the approach to transform the Gwatt Centre into an Elderly Centre.

Samples of the Thun area are imported and reinterpreted in a urban bricolage at the site. A negotiation process between the samples and the existing buildings and infrastructure resulted in a series of urban spaces, each with identifiable character and rhythm. A grid based in a repetitive module organize the system and allows the interchangeability of the parts to optimize density, flats demand or adapt to the city ‘regulatory plan’.

The task was entrusted by Bracher und Partner AG and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich in a 9 hectares plot. The 20700 square meters program is divided into housing and resort. Additional are the marina, a small wharf and protected woods. The proposal was developed in collaboration with Christine Mayr-Baudrof.

Client: ETH Zurich, Bracher und Partner AG
Location: Thun Lake, Switzerland
Area: 9 Ha
Status: Predesign

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